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Born and raised in Atlanta, GA, Cassandra Sistrunk has always had a natural talent in the arts, but her passion for drawing and painting has always been just a hobby. As a teenager, Cassandra was granted the opportunity to work as an artist apprentice under professional artists every summer until she graduated high school.


Cassandra attended Florida A&M University and earned a degree in Business Administration. It wasn't until she graduated college that she realized that her artistic talent was her true calling. After working as an art instructor with after-school programs and summer camps, Cassandra founded Artistically Me!, a non-profit art education program for youth in Atlanta, GA.

In 2017, Cassandra found herself at a crossroad in her personal life. In efforts to combat depression and remain positive, she began painting and praying. Speaking life into everything she did, Cassandra created the Dope Art Queen Collection. This collection empowered to her as an artist, and Cassandra wants to remind all creative women that they too are Dope Art Queens!


Cassandra has hosted over 250 Paint Parties, displayed her work in museums, sold paintings around the county, and has worked on a number of murals throughout Atlanta, where she currently lives with her two sons. She lives by the wise words from her father:


"Do what you love, and the money will come."

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